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Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: April 27, 2017

What is "Sport Fishing on the Fly Web TV"?

We're the official membership site for "Sport Fishing on the Fly", one of the longest running fly fishing shows on television.

What is this "Wild Apricot" stuff?

Wild Apricot is the Membership software we use to power our Web TV Membership service. They are based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and have a great reputation for hosting powerful, secure Membership websites.

You can read more about their commitment to Security and Privacy here.

Are my Credit Card transactions secure?

Absolutely. All Credit Cards are processed over a secure connection by Stripe, the same credit card gateway we use for our Online Store. For security reasons, credit card information is not stored in Wild Apricot, or by Sport Fishing on the Fly. Instead, the payment provider (Stripe) receives and processes the payment details, then returns the status of the payment transaction.

Who hosts the video?

All of our video is hosted (privately) on Vimeo, and uses the default Vimeo HTML5 player, for maximum compatibility. Our Classic video content is digitized from broadcast master tapes, and our HD content comes from broadcast quality exports. All video content is encoded using Vimeo's specifications to provide high-quality playback.

What can I watch on this site?

Currently there are 9 full seasons available:

  • Series 6 - 25 "Classic" Episodes
  • Series 7 - 13 "Classic" Episodes
  • Series 8 - 12 "Classic" Episodes
  • Series 9 - 13 "Classic" Episodes
  • Series 10 - 12 "Classic" Episodes
  • Series 17 - 13 "High Definition" Episodes
  • Series 18 - 13 "High Definition" Episodes
  • Series 19 - 13 "High Definition" Episodes
  • Series 21 - 13 "High Definition" Episodes

As well as 4 "Web Exclusive" episodes and several full-length speciality DVD programs.

Can I watch the Newest Season of Sport Fishing on the Fly on this site?

Yes! But the newest season of Sport Fishing on the Fly will be available 6 months after it's original television broadcast. Series 22 should be available early 2018, and we will keep our members up to date on all newly released content.

Will the Newest Season be available in High Definition?

Absolutely, and they will be "extended" versions! And, for many of our Canadian fans, this will be the only way to watch the newest shows in High Definition.

What is an "extended" version of an episode?

Basically, our shows almost always run longer than the time allocated on television (about 24 minutes). Because of this, a lot of content never makes it to air. Now, with Sport Fishing on the Fly Web TV, we can include all of that extra footage, which means more information, more tips, and more fish!

Shows will, on average, be 3+ minutes longer, and in some cases, substantially longer. As long as the quality of the footage and information, and the pacing are up to our standards, we will upload each show at its extended length.

Are you adding more content?

Heck yes. Tons. We will eventually upload almost every episode from Series 5, to the most current season. Each year we will add multiple Classic and HD series, in addition to web exclusive content and "On the Bench" segments, extended versions of new episodes and more.